The Battle Mountain NNA swim team was in Henderson from Nov. 10-13 for the 2022 Nevada State Short Course Championships at Heritage Park Aquatics Center.

There were 733 swimmers that competed over four days in cold conditions in southern Nevada. Sandpiper from Las Vegas, which had 472 swimmers won the team title. 

The NNA team finished eighth with just 22 swimmers.

Nevaeh Serna competed in the girls 11-12-year-old division and was 15th in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 1 minute, 11.41 seconds, which was an improvement of 1,31 seconds. 

She took off nearly 16 seconds to place 25th in the 500-yard freestyle at 6:18.16.

Serna placed 26th in the 200-yard freestyle (2:24.85). She finished 28th in the 100-yard individual medley (1:15.43), 19th in the 20th in the 100-yard freestyle (1:05.57), 26th in the 50-yard freestyle (29.95) and 27th in the 200-yard individual medley (2:45.74).

Shayne McMillin competed in the girls 13-14-year-old division and finished 20th in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:24.95. She placed 30th in the 50-yard freestyle (28.51) and 31st in the 200-yard breaststroke.  

Weston Reiva chopped off 14 seconds in the boys 9-10-year-old 200-yard freestyle to place 10th in a time of 2:47.76. He finished 13th in the 100-yard freestyle at 1:17.46, a 3.75-second improvement and was 20th in the 50-yard backstroke (41.36) and 28th in the 100-yard individual medley at 1:41.88.

Reiva turned in a sixth-place performance in the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 1:46.50, was 15th in the 50-yard freestyle (33:56).

Saige Bakker competed in the girls 5-8-year-old division and scored 98 points. 

She finished fourth in the 100-yard freestyle at 1:29.87, taking off nearly 12 seconds. She placed fifth in the 50-yard backstroke with a time of 50.74 and was fifth in the 25-yard backstroke at 21:18.

Bakker placed ninth in the 25-yard butterfly in a time of 23.27, a 1.94-second improvement and was third in the 25-yard freestyle at 17.58. 

The youngster was fourth in the 50-yard butterfly (59:15) and the 50-yard freestyle (40:79), which a five-second improvement over her previous best time.

Zayne Hall competed in the boys 15 and over division and was 48th in the 100-yard breaststroke in a time of 1:16.14. 

He placed 54th in the 100-yard freestyle (55.10), 59th in the 200-yard individual medley (2:19.77) and 66th in the 200-yard freestyle (2:07.49).

Hall placed 42nd in the 50-yard freestyle in a time of 24.81 and was 42nd in the 100-yard backstroke at 1:04.78.