In celebration of America Recycles Day, Nevada’s K-12 students invited to participate in first-ever Nevada Recycles Poster Contest. 

Be creative, have fun, win prizes – and help promote a clean and sustainable Nevada! 

In celebration of America Recycles Day on November 15, Nevada’s K-12 students are invited to showcase their creativity and commitment to protecting our planet by participating in the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection’s first-ever Nevada Recycles Poster Contest.

 The contest is open now through October 18, 2021.  

To participate, students will need to create a poster that promotes the three essential steps that must be taken for recycling to be effective: “Empty, Clean, and Dry.”  

Any item placed in your recycling bin should be:   

• Empty: the item has been emptied of all its contents 

• Clean: the item has been rinsed if needed 

• Dry: the item has had time to dry before being placed in the recycling bin 

 Did you know that if any single item disposed of in a recycling bin is not “empty, clean, and dry,” spilled contents may contaminate the entire bin? Items that are contaminated are not accepted by recycling centers, and must be discarded at the landfill. Based on residential and commercial sector data, Nevadans and area tourists throw away approximately 5.9 pounds of trash, per person, per day; that means approximately four million tons of trash enters a Nevada landfill each year.

By following these three easy steps – “empty, clean, and dry” – all Nevadans can do their part to keep materials in the reuse cycle and out of our landfills to help foster a clean and sustainable future for the Silver State.  

Contest Prizes: 

The contest will be split into 4 categories for judging: 

• Kindergarten through 2nd grade 

• 3rd grade through 5th grade 

• 6th grade through 8th grade 

• 9th grade through 12th grade 

One winner from each category will be selected to win a $50 gift card. 

Each winner’s school will receive a $100 gift card for supplies.  

Winning posters will be featured on the Nevada Recycles website, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources social media channels (@NevDCNR), and on RTC buses in Southern Nevada. We thank Southern Nevada RTC for their sponsorship to help promote recycling and sustainability efforts.  

All entries must be submitted by Oct. 18, 2021 at 5 p.m. 

View full contest requirements and submit posters on the Nevada Recycles website at