William Mason Farnsworth, age 19, was recently ordered to serve 36 months of probation on a drug charge, to run concurrently with his 14-48 concurrent prison sentences he was ordered to serve last month on other charges. 

In this latest charge for category E felony possession of a controlled substance, Farnsworth pleaded guilty to possessing a controlled substance, methamphetamine, on July 30, 2020, near 470 Ida Avenue in Winnemucca. 

In late January, Farnsworth was ordered to serve two concurrent 14-48 month prison sentences on felony charges, including buying or receiving stolen goods and possession of a stolen firearm. 

Farnsworth was originally given the opportunity to complete a term of probation for the other two offenses but admitted to 10 separate violations of his probation terms at a court hearing on January 25, where his probation was rescinded and he was ordered to carry out the prison sentences. 

Pursuant to plea negotiations, both Farnsworth’s attorney and the Humboldt County District Attorney recommended that Farnsworth be ordered to probation on the drug charge, to run concurrently with his other two prison sentences. 

Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero ordered Farnsworth to 12-34 months in prison on the most recent drug charge, with the prison sentence suspended and Farnsworth given the opportunity to instead complete 36 months of probation to run concurrently with prison. 

Farnsworth was also ordered to pay a $3 DNA collection fee, $25 administrative assessment fee, $60 forensic fee and $250 public defender fee.