Gov. Steve Sisolak says experts have found no evidence any Nevada computer systems or websites have been compromised by the attack on Solar Winds Orion.

He said the state is continuing to work with the federal government and private industry to ensure the systems issuing Solar Winds are safe.

“However, this is still a rapidly evolving investigation and as the state learns more, the status may change,” according to a statement issued last week.

“It would take a substantial amount of time to have a complete picture of the effects of the attack.”

Alan Cunningham, Nevada’s chief information officer, said the state uses Solar Winds software in a number of agencies.

Those systems have been off line since Dec. 14 when the attack was announced. They will be put back online in accordance with federal cyber-security guidance.

He said officials also want to notify the public so that they can protect themselves from attacks.

He said that includes keeping security software up to date to protect against viruses, malware and other online threats. 

He said people should use strong passwords and don’t use the same password for everything, especially sensitive accounts like banking and utilities.

In addition, he warned not to use the same passwords for those accounts as on social media.

If a government or business site you do business with is hacked, change your password immediately, monitor your bank accounts and be alert for scams.