The 11th Judicial Court allowed Vadim Marmer, 35, of San Francisco, to phone into his sentencing hearing last Monday, Jan. 4. Marmer’s lawyer, Steve Evenson, also participated telephonically. 

Lisa Brannon, from the Division of Parole and Probation, joined in on the phone conferences throughout the day.

Marmer previously pleaded guilty to possessing controlled substances - two doses of psilocybin mushrooms- at Burning Man last summer. 

He’ll return to court on Mar. 1 with information about the out-of-state treatment program he found in the Bay area. He’s currently on the waiting list and will apply for diversion.

Steven Wendell Sallaz, 28, came to court from the Carson City jail for two separate hearings.

In the courtroom, PD Steve Cochran represented Sallaz on charges of possessing a controlled substance, amphetamine. Via telephone, Kyle Swanson handled Sallaz’s alleged probation violation. 

Sallaz previously pleaded not guilty to the possession charge. He’ll return to court for the probation violation hearing on Mar. 1.

Michael Richard Prather, 35, pleaded guilty to possessing a controlled substance, methamphetamine, at Johnson Flat in Pershing County last year. 

Prather is eligible for mandatory probation for the Category E felony. He plans to apply for diversion. Judge Jim Shirley set an eligibility hearing for Feb. 1, giving the defendant 30 days to find a program.

Michael James Gonzalez, 31, of La Mesa, Calif., pleaded not guilty to battery on a police officer by a prisoner. 

He faces the possibility of one to six years in prison but is eligible for probation at the judge’s discretion. Cochran and DDA Banks anticipate a four-day trial. The defendant is out on bail.

At Bank’s request, the judge continued Thomas John Bradly’s sentencing hearing until mid-March. Earlier that morning, a material witness notified Banks that they were ill and testing for COVID-19.

Bradly, 40, previously pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm as an ex-felon.

Noel Wayne Moore, 21, was not present for his review hearing. According to Lisa Brannon’s probation notes, on Nov 30, 2020, Ridge House kicked Moore out of its treatment program. 

He’s meeting with the probation department weekly while seeking another placement, she said. The court rescheduled the hearing. Brannon will notify Moore of the court date and instruct him to contact his defense attorney, Steve Cochran.

Kristopher Lee Gordon Jaye participated in his review hearing by phone. His attorney Richard Davies also phoned into the hearing. The judge received a petition from the Division of Parole and Probation to honorably discharge Jay from probation.

The State did not object. The judge dismissed the case, and honorably discharged the defendant from probation.