Nevaeh Gerhard rides in the mini bucking horse competition.
Nevaeh Gerhard rides in the mini bucking horse competition.
The 99th Annual Rodeo held on Saturday, Sept. 5, offered a lot more than eight seconds of excitement.

The Great Basin Youth Challenge featured, Stick Horse Barrel Racing, Lead Horse Barrel Racing, Mutton Bustin’, Calf Riding, Mini Bucking Horse, Mini-Bull Riding, Dummy Roping, Junior Barrel Racing and Wild Pony Races.

Young Buckaroos competed for silver buckles. On Friday, Sept. 4, all contestants competed in the preliminaries. 

The top four contestants came back to compete in the rodeo performance on Saturday Sept. 5.

• Calf Riding: 1. Bentley Mason.

• Mini Bucking Horse 7-12: 1. Arden Johnson; 

• Mini Bucking Horse 13-15: 1. Cody Catches.

• Wild Pony Race: 1. Logan Marshall, Ryan Marshall and Chris Gleason.

 • Mini Bull Riding: 1. Cooper Bonham.

• Jr Barrel Racing 1. Kayleigh Marshall

• Lead Horse: 1. Landon Hill.

• Stick Horse: 1. Harlee Clarke. 

• Mutton Bustin: 1. Clarissa Kent.

• Dummy Roping 2-5 1. Harlee Clark; 6-9 1. Ben Bayles; 10-12 1. Logan Marshall.

Bulls and Broncs

This year, the Bulls and Broncs Rodeo featured more money, more cowboys and more action. A total of 26 Bull riders and 12 Bronc riders competed.

• Bulls: 1. Bodie Vaughn 84.5; 2. Sterling Ward 76; 3. Colby Gravier 73.

• Broncs: 1. Lane Johnson 84; 2. Clayton Shoda 75; 3. Cody Williams 68.