We have had some tremendous science fiction writers down through the years. We’ve also had quite a few real classic science fiction movies.

Many strange and mysterious dark futures are foretold for mankind in these stories. But fiction is fiction we tell ourselves. When we step outside the theater then we are safely back in the real world again.

However, when we look at our modern high tech wonders of today, we don’t often realize how many of them were only visions, concepts and future projections of those same writers not very long ago. 

But aside from man’s great advancements there’s always been a frightening theme to these stories. That would be of an alien intelligence seeking entrance to our world either overtly or covertly. This entity’s intent would be to rule, control and dominate us with an iron fist.

More fiction you say? Well just look at what’s been happening to us for the past twenty or thirty years.

Happiness comes from a bottle

Ecstasy comes from a pill

Entertainment is beamed from television

While chemicals give us a thrill

Directions all come from authorities 

Courts decide what’s right and wrong

Celebrities give us new ideas

Now everybody please sing along

Our brains are exterior gadgets

Held in the palm of our hand

No need to think, question or reason

Or to even really understand

Those bundles of plastic and wire

Great electronic magic that they are

Are better for memory and computing

Much better than humans by far

Workers are replaced by robotics

Manufacturing’s been shipped overseas

We no longer need manual labor

We can sit and waste time at our ease

We never say hi to our neighbor

We just text, email and tweet

It’s a shock when we have to face them

Each time that we pass on the street

They say I’m obsolete and outdated

Can’t function at the level I should

They call me old and antiquated

And I could be deleted for good

Amazon, Google and Apple

The deities we bow to today

Who needs that old time religion?

Cyber bliss now lights the way

Most humans welcomed the transition

As a digital rebirth of a kind

But a few old-timers had suspicion 

And are left all alone far behind 

From chronic computer-phobia they suffer

Fearing cell phones and driver-less cars

In the new electronic age of perfection

They stand out like ugly old scars

They may have some use as entertainment

Even though they’r but a few

They could all be rounded up easily

And put safe and sound in a zo

Resistance is totally futile

The outcome is ever so clear

Humans have been, now they’r leaving

The age of computers is here

We are the last of our species

We grow fewer with each passing day

We are the last of the humans

Pretty soon we’ll all fade away

Humans had a long eventful journey

Many centuries they blazed the trail

But now it’s time they move over

Evolution moves along without fail

With these final words from us humans

Who are lingering here in the zoo

If you still roam free my dear brother

Know that they’re coming for you

Here come the machines for entertainment

They want us to sing right on cue

You have to sing it out loudly 

If you want to eat in the zoo

Oh happiness comes from a bottle

Ecstasy comes from a pill

Entertainment is beamed from television

While chemicals give us a thrill

Dan O’Connor can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com