James Hunter Six
James Hunter Six
The James Hunter Six is a Wales-based sextet (two saxophones, drums, double bass, keyboards, guitar and vocals) who perform modern versions of classic ‘50s and ‘60s rhythm and blues.

James Hunter has been called “The UK’s greatest soul singer,” and Van Morrison once called Hunter “one of the best-kept secrets in British R&B and soul.”

Now he’s on stage in Fallon at the Oats Park Art Center for a Saturday, May 18 show.

Their albums have been nominated for a Grammy for Best Traditional Blues Album and Hunter was nominated for Best Emerging Artist at the Americana Music Awards. They’ve performed at venues from the Hollywood Bowl and Jools Holland to City Winery and Jazz Standard (NYC). Their most recent release is Hold On! (2016).

The James Hunter Six’s rugged soul sound will have listeners swearing they can hear the clink of pint glasses and barroom chatter underneath the dark horns and driving bass.

For advance tickets visit www.churchillarts.org.