Yasmine McKinney slides into home plate.
Yasmine McKinney slides into home plate.
There are few things more exciting than starting a new Pershing County High School softball season. 

That’s especially true when the Mustangs host a preseason tournament. The girls went 2-2 for the weekend, beating Lowry JV and Sparks. They lost to Battle Mountain and Quincy, Calif.

“Most of my team played in the state basketball tournament last weekend so they played their best with few practices,” said coach Jordan McKinney.

Raegan Burrows and Taylor Garland looked at home on the pitcher’s mound. Anna Happy tried a new position, shortstop.

“She picked it up so easily and it seemed effortless for her,” said McKinney.

Mady Grenz hit a home run against Quincy and shined on third base. The team picked up nine freshmen this season, including Mia Canchola, Kyra Cerini, Riley Harvey, Fallon Henderson, Anika Happy, Lauren Poffenroth, Emma Blondheim, Lexie Portillo and Lillian Wagner.

“I have a ton of talent with all my new freshmen. I’m looking forward to seeing how much they improve,” said McKinney.

The seniors are Nova Karlsson, Marya Burke, Kaylen Halverson and Benni Pompignoli. Taylor Garland, Anna Happy, Kaylah Hanley, Mady Grenz, KayLee Poffenroth, Miya Gallagher and Yasmine McKinney are juniors.

The sophomores include Aaliyah Allen and Raegan Burrows.

 “I was excited to see how much stronger Aaliyah got over this past year and she did not disappoint. It’s going to be a fun season with these girls,” McKinney said.

Last year the team brought home runner-up trophies for zone and state.

The coaches and players are aiming high for the 2023 season.