Mikayla Leavitt, Yasmin Acosta, Rylee Renfroe, Anna Jimenez and Jillian Bridges try for a goal.
Mikayla Leavitt, Yasmin Acosta, Rylee Renfroe, Anna Jimenez and Jillian Bridges try for a goal.
The Pershing County soccer team hopes to build on their foundation and soar to new heights. 

A roster was not available at press time but it’s a good bet most of the squad will return and they’ll pick up some freshmen. Team loyalty is a strength.

Farewell to the

 Class of 2021

Last year, the girls said farewell to three seniors - Anna Jimenez, Sidonie Cassoret and Kylee Fuller. Jimenez received All Conference recognition, an Honorable Mention. Her teammates agreed that she was ‘the most fun player.’

Cassoret, an exchange student from France, had never played high school soccer. Her teammates voted her the most improved player.

Fuller also received All-Conference recognition, second team. Her teammates said she had the best ball control. She served as team captain for two years.

Who are this 

season’s seniors?

Last year’s juniors included Hannah Gonzalez, Riley Soliman, Tavis Hunt, Cora Trowbridge, Jillian Bridges and Marina Corcuera. The team named Bridges the most vocal player on the field.

Corcuera was an exchange student, a soccer novice. She returned to Spain with fond memories of scoring a goal against Battle Mountain in one of the last games of the season.  

But, in all likelihood, the others will return for their last year of high school soccer.  

Team captains take leadership role

At the end of the 2021 season, the girls unanimously elected Cora Trowbridge as a captain for 2022-2023. They also chose her the toughest player on the field.

“Cora is one of the most physical players out there,” said the coach. “She plays clean, hits hard and lets the opposing team know, ‘don’t come back to this area again.’”

Last year, Miya Gallagher’s teammates chose her as the defensive player of the year. She was the first sophomore to serve as team captain, a role usually filled by juniors and seniors. For 2022, she’s back as a junior.

Hunt, also a captain, was out with an injury early last year but came back determined to “hit the ground running” according to Coach Matt Fuller. “She never missed a practice and knew exactly what she needed to do,” he added. 

She returns as a senior this year.

Freshmen and 

sophomores step up

Coach Fuller says there’s a world of difference between middle and high school soccer.  “In high school everything speeds up,” he says. He congratulates the younger team members on their perseverance. 

Last season’s freshmen were Yasmin Acosta, Diana Pineda, Kimi Trowbridge, Kimberly Hinds, Lily Burt and Grace Kalsem.

Acosta made second-team All-Conference. Her teammates named her the offensive player of the year. With 10 goals and three assists, it’s easy to see why. Burt earned an Honorable Mention with 61 saves as a rookie goalie.

Last year’s sophomores included Gallagher, Rylee Renfroe, Mikayla Leavitt and Julie Chandler.

The soccer team finished the 2021-22 season at 4-6, with several goals to their credit.

Upcoming games

The soccer team hosts the Pershing County Tournament Aug. 26-27.

They’ll take to the road against West Wendover (Sept. 2) and White Pine (Sept. 3). The first home game is on Saturday, Sept. 10, against Sage Ridge at 11 a.m.