Devin Moura and Davis Murphy reach for the football.
Devin Moura and Davis Murphy reach for the football.
Committed coaches watch out for their kids all year, even after school lets out.

That’s why Pershing County High School athletic director Mike Brooks began offering Flag Football Under the Lights a couple of summers ago.

“I came up with it to give the kids in Lovelock something to do on summer nights,” he says. “I wanted to give them a chance to be active and develop some football skills.” 

Last spring, Brooks reluctantly canceled the games due to the pandemic. But the fields lit up again this summer, Wednesday evenings from 8 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.

The coaches loosely organize the players into three age groups. Buzz Brooks works with the youngest, third-graders and under.

Jeff Johnson or Tom Brooks mentor grades three through six. Mike Brooks coaches grades seven and up. Look for some of the older boys on the football field this fall. The undefeated Mustangs (6-0) anticipate a full schedule.  

For now, Mustangs of all sizes brave the summer wind to meet at the football field, one of Lovelock’s most picturesque settings. Lone Mountain provides a fitting backdrop for feats of athleticism. The lights cinch the deal.  “I think the kids just like competing and burning energy. It’s a new type of game for them,” says the coach.