Anna Happy plans to sign up with the softball league.
Anna Happy plans to sign up with the softball league.
With luck, there may be some sports action at McDougal Park next month. Brianne Poffenroth hopes to guide the Lovelock Girls Softball League to a spectacular comeback.

The club welcomes girls from seven through 16 years old.

When Poffenroth took over the league in 2018, she pitted the girls against Fallon and began branching out to Yerington and Fernley. That all came to a standstill last season because of the coronavirus.

“We didn’t even get to practice,” she said.

The league is not opening registration yet, but Poffenroth is setting up teams. She asks parents to text her their child’s name, age and birth date.

“We want to know what the level of interest is,” she says. So far, it looks like many families are eager to support one of Lovelock’s favorite sports.

Jerri Ramirez is signing up her three daughters, Larissa, Marissa and Magdalena. Elizabeth Blondheim helps Poffenroth with paperwork. 

Her daughter, Emma, also wants to play. So do Anna Happy and Bella Zelaya. They come back year after year.

“My kids are itching for some sports,” says Blondheim. Hopefully, they won’t have to wait long.

“We are hoping to start sometime in March,” said Poffenroth. “As soon as we get the thumbs up, we will send the registration link. I’m super hopeful that we’ll be able to play.” 

For updates or to register, visit the Lovelock Softball League’s Facebook page.