What a way to introduce families to Quarter Midget Racing. Quarter Midgets of America Western Region Director Sunny Phillips and Ashley Davis from Winnemucca Regional Raceway held the first Meet and Greet Saturday Jan.y 26 at The Model-T-Casino. 

The turnout was a huge success,as local families, track promoters and board members came together with hand shakes and hugs to team up and support the new children’s racing program as a whole. 

The Nevada region is a strong racing community and loves the fact our smaller racer will now be able to grow and go s future as race car drivers here at their local tracks. 

Mike Scott representing Our home track Winnemucca Regional Raceway announced that they were so excited to have begun the construction and were waiting for the next step to get this track up and going so that Sunny and her team could begin training. 

This new program allows children age 5-16 to race a racecar designed especially for them. A Quarter Midget is a ¼ size of a real Midget and runs on a 1/20 size track. Dirt is a magic word and for some reason lights up the eyes of a child real fast. 

The Meet and Greet allowed other tracks from the regions such as SUMMIT QMA Elko, Silver State QMA Battlemountain, Rattlesnake QMA Fallon and Nile Valley QMA in Lovelock to come together and share some amazing ideas. 

Each track is designing their own fun and challenging track to allow the kids to have different challenges. The program will train each child on basic rack, car and technical safety and the behind the wheel, racing comes in being behind the wheel and practice known as “Seat Time” 

The kids begin in a class known as Novice once they pass the training and hours they can move up and there is 12 classes they can try. Each class has its own engine and specs and rules. QMA is a membership ran organization allowing parents to vote and present what is best for all kids to be successful in their race car dream. 

Renegade QMA President Sunny Phillips has been doing this for 11 years and says the passion and support here in our hometown has brough her tears of joy more then once. She said she has never had so many hugs and handshakes with, what can I do to make this happen? asked to her then she has ever had anywhere else.

The local support has been amazing its nice to see the business want more for the kids, Kids are our future drivers at our local tracks and that’s what makes us special because we are a family ran organization we don’t get paid and we don’t expect anything we do what we can to make it happen.

The track is half way done and will begin the building of walls in the next couple of weeks of you want to take a sneak peek just drive out and watch as Winnemucca comes together as a community to help make a childes dream come true. We are who we are as a community because we support each other in family values and dreams. 

Feel free to contact Sunny Phillips 209-606-4069 if you need any information or questions. QMA Westernregion@gmail.com   QMA Westernregion  on facebook.