Gus (Da Bus) Ruiz bats as Ashley Harvey catches and Jesse Canchola umps.
Gus (Da Bus) Ruiz bats as Ashley Harvey catches and Jesse Canchola umps.
Last Monday,  Cindy Plummer, Jordan McKinney and Russell Fecht raced from the school board meeting straight to McDougal fields. 

They joined most of the cast and characters of the 11th Judicial Court, the Lovelock Paiute Tribe and others. 

The Lovelock Softball Association opened its third season. Thursday, everyone came back for more.

By the end of the week, Thick N’ Wild and the Sandlot Junkies tied for the top spot. They each went 2-0. 

The Swingers, Outkast, Brew Crew and Swamp Donkeys finished 1-1. 

The Thunder Ducks and Weekend Warriors have yet to win a game. They went 0-2 but remain upbeat.

“The Thunder Ducks are coming back,” says Jesse Canchola, outfielder.  “We had a tough schedule to start the year. We played last year’s champs and the second-place team. It should get better for us next time.”

Last summer, Thick N’ Wild wrested the championship from Jim’s Point S with a final score of 17-11. According to LSA president Jared Jensen, each team is competitive, which bodes well for the season.

“As seasons go and people continue to play, we’ll see growth every year,” he says. “We’re starting to see more kids out there and it’s always fun to get them involved.” The club invites athletes aged 16 and over to compete every Monday and Thursday evening throughout the summer. The games are at 6, 7 and 8 p.m.

Canchola doubled as umpire. This summer’s teams will ump each other’s games. Other changes include social distancing.  “In softball, it’s not that hard,” says Jensen.

The audience seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the players. Nearby, children climbed on the playground equipment. For now, the concession stand is closed but people brought snacks from home.

“We got rid of the bleachers on the main field to try to get people to spread out,” said Jensen. 

Lorri Happy held Menace, her two-year-old pocket rocket. Colby Burke watched her daughter Cassidy step up to bat. Bobbie Mancebo debated whether to go to her car and get a jacket. 

“I don’t want to miss anything,” she said as the action on the field unfolded.