Pershing’s JV football team turned the tables on Battle Mountain JV this past Thursday. The Mustangs closed their 2019 season by beating the Longhorns 38-6. 

On Oct. 11, Pershing lost a close game to Battle Mountain JV (36-31). On Thursday, just weeks later, the JV Mustangs pulled ahead by a mile. What happened?

“We didn’t change anything that was in our game plan,” said Coach Jared Jensen. “The only thing we had to do was remind them what their job was and encourage those boys. They improved all year, and tonight they finally played to their capabilities.”

Jensen coached alongside Dan and Logan Murphy, a father and son team. It was Logan Murphy’s first year coaching. He graduated from PCHS in 2017 with four years of football under his belt. 

“I’m super proud of these guys,” he said. “I can’t wait to see them all grow as young men.”

The JV roster bursts with freshmen, and the coaches credit them for much of the team’s success. They included Wyatt Diaz, Wyatt Myers, Nik Jimenez, Blake Burrows, Noel Zaldivar, Seth Provstgard and Tristian Gallagher.

Diaz beefed up the O-Line as center. He was play-caller on the defense as linebacker, a heady job for a freshman. Against Coral Academy, Diaz caught an interception and scored a 40-yard rushing touchdown.

“We’re pleased with how the freshmen are progressing,” said Dan Murphy. “We even got Blake in as QB for a few plays late in the game, and we’re looking forward to having Tristian running the ball as a sophomore next year.”

“Some of the freshmen never won a youth football game, and they won three this season,” added Jensen.

The sophomores included Diego Gonzalez, Ulises Corona, Jose Jimenez, Devin Moura, Ashton Nolf, Esteban Vidrio, Brayden Wagner and Daniil Razov. Victor Flores, a junior, rounded out the team.

Wagner continues to be a force at fullback. Vidrio’s speed resulted in points for the Mustangs. Earlier in the season, Gonzalez kicked a 47- yard field goal against the Longhorns, a first for Pershing JV.

With only 16 players on the roster, each player had to push himself to the max.

“Football transcends all aspects of life,” said Dan Murphy. “It demands hard work, perseverance, responsibility, toughness, teamwork, selflessness and improving yourself every chance you get. Thank you to all the parents for trusting us with your kids.”