Aaron Kienbaum (24) shoots for the Mustangs at PCHS on Saturday afternoon.
Aaron Kienbaum (24) shoots for the Mustangs at PCHS on Saturday afternoon.
Last week the Pershing County High School boys basketball team  launched a three-game winning streak against Coral Academy (87-54), Silver Stage (69-15) and Yerington (54-43). 

“All week we had one goal in mind - to sweep all three games. We did just that. We aren’t close to where we need to be yet but we’re headed in that direction,” said coach Jesse Canchola.

The first two games took place on the road. On Saturday fans packed the PCHS gym to watch the boys bounce back from a preseason loss against Yerington. 

The victory showcased the Mustang's hard work and steady improvement. At times it seems there is no stopping them.

Travis Donaldson led the scoring with 22 points. Marshall Happy added six. Izayuh McGlothin tallied five. Luis Sanchez and Taylor Montes each contributed four more. Noel Zaldivar, the team's only senior, added two. 

The Mustangs ended the first quarter with a four-point lead (15-11). 

The Lions fought back in the second quarter and nearly tied up the score. At the half, the score stood at 25-18.

The Lady Mustangs cheered from the student section as Lovelock dominated the second half. By the end of the third quarter they pulled ahead by 15 points (50-35). They kept up their offensive onslaught throughout the fourth quarter to seize the day. 

The coach emphasized they were team wins with contributions from every player. This was most evident in Silver Springs where the defense shined.

"Some of the kids widened their offensive comfort zone. We played an unselfish style of basketball and everyone got to eat," he said.

The team consists of Taylor Montes, Izayuh McGlothin, Michael Reitz, Luis Sanchez, Kaden Chambers, Travis Donaldson, Marshall Happy, Aaron Kienbaum, Eduardo Herrera, Noel Zaldivar and Conner Fecht. Fecht continues recovering from a broken arm but supports the team as he waits for baseball season to start.

Pershing County now stands fourth in the 2A (8-8 overall and 3-2 league).

On Friday, Jan. 20, the boys travel to West Wendover to play the top-ranked team in the 2A- the Wolverines (3-0). Saturday, Jan. 21, they go to Battle Mountain to confront the Longhorns (2-1).

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, PCHS hosts Coral Academy. The Falcons hope to avenge their loss. The competition starts at 7:30 p.m. The Mustangs are an exciting team to watch as they play an aggressive game. The coaches and players hope for a big Lovelock turnout.