Weekend Warrior Eddie Happy keeps his eye on the ball.
Weekend Warrior Eddie Happy keeps his eye on the ball.
The Weekend Warriors lost a lot of battles over the years. According to Lovelock Softball Association president Jared Jensen, “The Warriors have been playing since our first season (2018). The first few years, they struggled.” 

Last season they finished below league champs Thick N Wild, the Swingers, Sandlot Junkies, Outkast, Brew Crew, Swamp Donkeys and Thunder Ducks. But that’s all changed.

“This year they are a competitive team,” says Jensen. “They are the surprise of the season.” 

A few of the players include Tiffany, Marty and Senicka Happy, Cassandra Swindlehurst, Tommy Meyers Sr. and Tommy Meyers Jr. The combination of youth and experience is paying off.

For Jensen, part of the fun is watching the players improve over time, as they slug it out twice a week at McDougal Field. Most seasons everybody plays about 16 games so they get lots of practice. 

“Every team has had competitive games this summer,” says Jensen. .

Currently, nobody is undefeated. The competition in the ballpark is often neck-to-neck.

At mid-season, defending champions Thick N Wild hold the top spot followed by the Second Stringers and Wolf Pack. The Wolf Pack has scored seven home runs, the league high.

“The fields are in the best shape they’ve been in in a long time,” adds Jensen. “The new dirt makes the playing field safer. We are grateful to local community members for making 2021 one of our best years ever. It’s been one of the most fun seasons we’ve had out here.”