The Nevada High School Rodeo Association was in Ely on Sept. 9-10 for the White Pine High School Rodeo.

Humboldt County’s Emma Garijo won the barrel racing average with a combined time of 25.450 seconds. 

She took home the top spot in the opening performance with a time of 17.659 and was the runner-up in the second performance at 17.791.

Garijo added a sixth-place finish in pole bending. 

She knocked down a pole in the first performance for a time of 25.994 but she came back to win the second performance at 20.606, the quickest run of the weekend.

Garijo and Brock Feyder of Elko earned a top-1o finish in team roping.  

Humboldt County’s Brynn Barto and Matti DeLong were seventh and eighth, respectively, in the barrel racing average. Barto won the second performance of barrel racing with a time of 17.534, the quickest on both days. 

She did knock down a barrel in the first performance. DeLong was sixth in the second performance with a time of 18.277.

In addition, Barto added a sixth-place finish in breakaway roping at 17.600, which included a fourth-place outing in the second performance at 3.38. 

DeLong was 13th in the breakaway roping average, including a run of 3.17 second sin the opening performance. DeLong added a seventh-place finish in girls cutting with 131 points. Barto was fifth in pole bending, including placing fourth in the second performance with a time of 21.015.

On the boys side, Humboldt County’s Cooper Hill and Billy Delong, placed fifth and seventh, respectively, in boys cutting. Battle Mountain’s Eli Lancaster was sixth with 134.5 points and teammate Hank Bunting was ninth with 131 points. 

Bunting placed third in steer wrestling after missing his steer in the first performance. He came back with a time of 8.87 to place second in the second performance. 

Lancaster was fourth in the average. He had a time of 21.130 in the opening performance to finish third but missed his steer in the final performance. 

Bunting placed third in the tie-down roping average, while Cooper wad sixth and Lancaster 13th.

Battle Mountain’s Italy Jo Holman won the girls cutting average with 143 points along with Elko’s Audrey Wright. Battle Mountain’s Amelia Lancaster was fourth in girls cutting.

In addition, Lancaster collected the pole bending average victory with a combined time of 42.852. She was the runner-up in the first performance with a time of 21.627. Holman was 10th in the pole bending average, including a third-place finish in the second performance at 20.899. 

Desi Coombs won the first performance of breakaway roping at 2.30 and was fifth in the average after missing her calf in the second performance. She picked up a 10th-place finish in barrel racing.

Jolena Ayers, who competed at the national finals in goat tying this summer, was third in the average in Ely at 18.490. 

She won the first performance with a time of 8.73, the quickest of the weekend.  Coombs and Ayers were 23rd and 24th in pole bending.

In the junior high school division, Humboldt County’s Huntley Byrd win the pole bending average, after sweeping both performances. In addition, Byrd was sixth in barrel racing and seventh in breakaway roping, 

Hazen Root won the rifle shoot and Logan Marshall and Lane Byrd were second and third in tie-down roping. 

Louise DeLong and Eureka’s Henry Buchanan were the runner-up in ribbon roping, while Bryce Fears and Fernley Jordyn Process were fourth in the evet. 

Logan Marshall and Elko’s Kyle Velasco also earned a top-10 finish.

Louise DeLong finished third in pole bending, with Battle Mountain’s Jorja Mashburn and Landry Meiman sixth and seventh. Mashburn placed sixth in goat trying and Meiman was eighth.

Lane Byrd was fourth in boys goat tying and Bryce Fears and Logan Marshall placed fifth and seventh in chute dogging. 

Battle Mountain’s Logan Lancaster placed fifth in boys breakaway roping. 

The Nevada High School Rodeo Association is in Battle Mountain from Sept. 23-25.