Kelly Brooks takes the flag off of Ethan Rhodes.
Kelly Brooks takes the flag off of Ethan Rhodes.
The temperature climbed into the red zone but the flag football players persevered. 

They played five-on-five on the PCHS athletic field last Friday evening. The coed games were fast paced and drew players of all ages and sizes.

In flag football, there is no need for helmets or shoulder pads. Instead of tackling opponents to the ground, the defense deflags them to end the down.

“It’s a way for people to play a recreational variation of football, a sport that many love growing up,” Mike Brooks said. “It allows people from different backgrounds to learn the game.” 

This was Brooks’ third year hosting the tournament. All proceeds benefit the PCHS football program, which he coaches.

The United Scammers of America, from San Jose, won the top division. 

The Pershing County Mustangs won the B division. In addition, two Reno-based teams, three teams of alumni and a squad of free agents played. 

Before long, the evening cooled off and the Friday night lights came on.

“It’s always fun to come out and play at the old stomping grounds. It’s awesome to see the young kids growing up and becoming good ball players and just good kids overall,” said former Mustang QB Ethan Rhodes (Class of 2017).