The Nevada High School Rodeo Association wrapped up its fall scheduled over the Veterans Day weekend at the Moapa High School rodeo in Overton.

A pair of Humboldt County riders took home first-place honors.

Billy DeLong won the saddle bronc average, with the only qualified ride of the weekend in the second performance. He scored 65 points. DeLong placed third in the tie-down roping average with a time of 45.340 seconds. He was third in the first performance, stopping the clock at 19.980.

DeLong placed fifth in the boys cutting average with 133 points. He won the first performance with 72 points. Cooper Hill was seventh in the boys cutting average with 129 points.

Matti DeLong took home the goat tying average with a time of 19.640. She was the runner-up in each performance with times of 9.63 and 9.00.

DeLong split the top spot in girls cutting with Moapa’s Rilee Christensen with 145.5 points. DeLong won the second performance with 73 points after placing second in the opening performance.

DeLong was ninth in the barrel racing average at 40.574 after knocking down a barrel in the first performance. She bounced back to be the runner-up in the second performance in a time of 17.854. 

She finished ninth in breakaway roping after missing her calf in the first performance. 

She came back to place second in the final performance in a time of 3.21. DeLong was 22nd in pole bending.

Emma Garijo finished 12th in the pole bending average at 53,421, after knocking down poles in both performances. Garijo was 24th in breakaway roping.

Kayleigh Marshall and Wells’ Destry Mason were eighth in the team roping average. Marshall was 11th in breakaway roping at 10.540 seconds and she finished ninth in the first performance at 4.37.

Battle Mountain’s Eli Lancaster placed 11th in tie-down roping and Eli Lancaster and Amelia Lancaster were fourth in team roping with a time of 22.030. The duo was sixth in each performance.

Desi Coombs was 11th in barrel racing and Jolena Ayers placed 20th, Coombs and Amelia Lancaster were third and fourth, respectively, in breakaway roping. 

Coombs won the first performance with a time of 3.010 but missed her calf in the second performance.

Coombs picked up a runner-up finish in pole bending with a time of 43.637. She was second in the first performance and third in the final performance. Amelia Lancaster placed 16th in pole bending and Ayers was 24th.

At the end of the fall season, Matti DeLong is fourth in all-around cowgirl standings, followed by Battle Mountain’s Coombs and Italy Jo Holman in fifth and sixth, respectively. 

Amelia Lancaster is eighth, Garijo 11th and Brynn Barto 16th.

Billy DeLong sits atop the all-around cowboy standings and Eli Lancaster is sixth.


Junior high results

In junior high barrel racing, Louise DeLong was fourth in barrel racing, Landry Meiman fifth, Taylor Hill 11th and Huntley Byrd 16th. Logan Lancaster placed third in boys breakaway roping and Bryce Fears was fifth.

Bryce Fears and Lane Byrd were fourth and fifth in boys goat tying and Logan Marshall placed third in goat tying and Bryce Fears was eighth. Huntley Byrd and Jorja Mashburn placed third and fourth in girls breakaway roping, with Louise DeLong and Taylor Hill finishing 10th and 13th, respectively.

Jorja Mashburn and Louise DeLong picked top-10 finishes in girls goat tying and Huntley Byrd finished second in pole bending, with Louise DeLong placing 10th.

Lane Byrd and Jorja Mashburn won the ribbon roping average by 11 seconds at 25.970. Louise DeLong and Henry Buchanan were fifth in ribbon roping. 

Logan Lancaster and Pete Mori earned a runner-up finish in team roping. Lane Byrd and Logan Marshall finished second and third in tie-down roping.    

The spring schedule begins on Feb. 17 in Pahrump.