At a time like this, we should all pull together instead of listening to the propaganda that comes from most news centers.

I like FOX news, but it is biased to the right as well because the pendulum must swing two ways.  I keep hearing about comparisons to 9/11 and how the country pulled together then and patriotism climbed high for about 30 days and then everything went back to normal and people started hating one another again. 

 This is not 9/11!  Yes, we are waging a war against a virus, but as I see it, we are fighting back against a nefarious Communist plot attempting to destroy this country. 

If we continue down this path that the left wants us to go (Pelosi, Sanders, Biden) we will end up with our freedom taken away.  We will not be able to leave our homes without a pass, schools will remain up to the parents (of course this may be a good thing given the slant that our students in public school are getting now) and they will come and confiscate all our means of protecting ourselves; then FEMA can load us onto cattle cars and take us to a “virus free” area for our own protection and we will wonder what happened.

 Now, more than any time in the history of this country, we must hold on tight to the Constitution and keep remembering that we do not have a democracy like the Democrats would have us believe, but we have a constitutional representative Republic.

Those who we choose to represent us need to do a good job or we can remove them.  It is time we begin to impeach Nancy Pelosi!  Make Chuck Schumer push his glasses up and stop looking down his nose at us and begin to work for us or get the hell out.

 I am not so afraid for me, but I have 9 great-grandchildren that I would like to see grow up with freedom and have all the chances in the world for whatever they want to do. 

If we don’t stop and take a stand now, our posterity will not have that chance.  We must stand for something in this world, and it should be freedom; of religion, of speech, of thoughts and actions, with only one caveat, there is a reaction for every action.

 There are consequences for our actions, and we don’t have the government to lean on and rely on pulling us out all the time.  We are a government of the people and by the people and we should have those in government working for what the people want.

When you get down to it, if the government gives you everything, you have no feeling of accomplishment.  

If they have a government program where everyone is guaranteed medical care, then the providers of that medical care are simply government employees and they lose their choices.  

If we learn that we must get our own insurance, we get the best for ourselves and get better treatment and everyone wins, including the insurance company, but we must also have the peoples oversight of this insurance so that it does not begin to diminish our freedom as well.

As stated earlier, I am not afraid so much for myself, but for my posterity and what they will have.  Can’t we all just learn to live together?  

Love one another without it being carnal in nature and learn to take care of ourselves; planning, storing, working, and maintaining our freedom by those we choose to represent us. 

When and if the time comes that they do not do as they promised, remove them instead of rewarding them with a lifetime of political power and position. 

This is OUR country and it does not belong to the politicians.  It is now upside down and we must remember that WE have the power not them.  It is like the extremely disappointed father telling his son, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out.” 

So it is with the likes of Nancy Pelosi.  The people put her in that office and the people can take her out.

Robert (Bobby) 

Conger,  Ph.D.