Since you chose to run me on the front page without ever contacting me or asking for a comment, I thought you might like to know the actual facts of the incident which are missing from your paper.

Last September my wife Marcia, who had a valid tag, shot an antelope in Area 6. It went down instantly and we both thought it was dead. When we walked up to the animal it was apparent that it was mortally wounded, bleeding badly, but still alive. Marcia was very upset at this and handed me her rifle (I was not armed), asking me to dispatch the antelope, which I did by shooting it in the back of the head. It was tagged, field dressed, and now resides in our freezer.

A bystander reported this to NDOW. According to NDOW this was a violation on my part so I paid a fine. Given the same circumstances, and to save an animal from further needless suffering, I would probably do the same thing.

What griped me is not the fine but that neither the NDOW game warden nor the Elko DA’s office could be bothered to get a statement from either Marcia or myself before rushing to judgment. They still haven’t to this day.

Hy Forgeron

Battle Mountain