Bernie Sanders, if he becomes the Democratic Presidential Nominee, will be the biggest disaster the Democrats have seen since Michael Dukakis and will hand Donald Trump, not only a second term, but a landslide victory, here’s why:

First, Sanders is NOT a democrat. He only engages in his chameleon-like democratic shape-shifting when he wants to run for president. After his run in 2016, he went right back to being the “Independent” senator from Vermont. He only becomes a democrat so he can be included on the debate stages and get untold amounts of free national air time. As a registered Democrat, I cannot tolerate this.

Second, let’s look at this legislative record and productivity in the U.S. Senate. Sanders first went to the Senate in 2007, he’s been there 13 years. In that time, he’s had a whopping 3 bills of his enacted into law. Wow — not. And one of them was to name a post office in Vermont. Whoa, now there’s some heavy legislative lifting! The other two were for veteran’s affairs. Legitimate, yes, but hardly risky territory. Trying to find someone to oppose a bill for veterans is like asking a Senator to oppose motherhood.

Third, so now we have this guy throwing out verbal “bombs” about a “revolution” in this country. He wants to blow everything up because he’s never created anything of importance in his Senatorial career. Where does 3 insignificant pieces of legislation about totally safe matters give this guy the gravitas to take on blowing up our healthcare system which is nearly 1/5th of our GDP? It doesn’t!

And I’m getting weary of his class warfare rhetoric. Yes, there is income and wealth inequality in this country that needs to be addressed. Both the Bush 43 and Trump tax cuts contributed greatly to this and created a $1,000,000,000 built-in annual budget deficit. But as far as millionaires and billionaires are concerned, I’d like to still think that for every Martin Shkreli there are a dozen Warren Buffets and Bill Gates who are contributing greatly through their philanthropic work and creating thousands of jobs in the process. By the way, Bernie Sanders has never created a single job in his life! 

Ken Scheffler, MBA