The words of the Rackley’s need to be heeded. This burden lifted from their weary shoulders.

In September: “The Rackley family must step aside because of a medical situation at home that is understandably taking our attention and energy.”

December: “We have asked, advertised and used Facebook to tell of our issue nothing and so we have decided not to keep beating our heads against a wall. So sadly, we are not going to reopen the center.

On the chance that someone else wants to take over the responsibility of running and keeping it going we will teach and help you get started but we are not doing it.”

This sums up nicely “We all care about the Big Meadow Recycling Center and wish to see it sustained.

 Maybe this small hiccup in operations opened our eyes to the genuine impacts (good and bad) that it has for our community?”

“The Rackley family have been the primary workers and cheerleaders for the recycling center.  I appreciate the passion they have. 

So let’s continue working together and make them proud of us while they are focused on health and well-being. “

 The City, Commissioners with aide from Local Businesses, and volunteers are more than willing and capable of taking over and freeing the Rockley’s of this onerous frustrating responsibility. 

The Rackley’s have shown with their hard work, dedication, and commitment what a benefit the Recycle Center has been to both the City and County and have our gratitude.

David Skelton