I am responding to a complaint made by Margaret McGinty at a recent County Commissioners meeting, regarding oversight of the Lone Mountain cemetery.

When my mother, Sue Walker, passed away in 2008, my father, Bill Walker, purchased two adjoining plots in the Lone Mountain cemetery. 

 My Dad, myself, my brother John and his two sons went out in the hills and selected quite a few stones for a border around the plots.  

This was a special time for us.  My dad had a master mason set the stones in a beautiful border.

On a later visit to my parent’s grave, imagine my dismay when I realized that someone had used the end of our border as part of theirs and poured cement along the edge, completely ruining the stone border around my parent’s plot. 

Now the whole bottom part of the border is compromised.  

I’m still furious about this.  If I had thought that the Cemetery Board would have allowed someone else to desecrate my parent’s gravesite, I would have bought the adjacent plots.  If the County can’t have any respect for it’s citizens when they are laid to rest, it’s disgusting.  


Deb and John Walker