Dear Editor,

As a solider who served at both Fort Bragg and Fort Benning I am totally opposed to the proposal that the names now be changed. 

I served with many blacks who were buddies and not one of us knew or would have cared these were named after Confederate Generals. We were there to learn skills and to prepare to defend our country. This was during the early 1960s when there was also quite a bit of racial strife. Not once did we concern ourselves over who the base was named after. 

I would bet that 90 percent of the population or more did not know this until now and only those who want to rewrite history will care today.

These are historic military bases that have trained millions of troops of all races and backgrounds and this issue has never come up. 

History cannot and must not be deleted. These bases are famous not for who they were named after but the excellent training they have provided for our military.

I urge everyone to contact their congressional delegation to insure they are aware of the need to keep the historic names of military bases. 

One can only imagine the names the protesters would like to use in renaming.


Don Jones

Winnemucca, NV