The New Building Fund folks in Paradise are attempting to circumvent County policy again. They are trying to get Humboldt County to put their New Building under the County's liability insurance. What this would mean is that all Humboldt County residents would be paying the liability insurance for the new structure.

I am not a Paradise resident. This is the word around the County. I am a Humboldt County resident and it angers me to think that my tax money will be going to a building that Paradise residents should be responsible for. Golconda, Orovada, Kings River and McDermitt have all had to follow proper procedure before the County would take over their facilities. These communities all made sure a continuing funding source was in place before their buildings were built. Why should it be any different for the Paradise New Building folks?

They have previously been told, at County Commission meetings, that before the County would take responsibility for their gymnasium, there needs to be an Assessment District in place. No other Humboldt County residents should be responsible for supporting the new building in Paradise. That is for the Paradise residents to fund.

They have already been shown leniency by the County, giving them access to the property plus hook-ups to water and propane. How long will this be allowed without proper procedure being followed?

This item will be on the April 9th County Commission agenda. Let your County Commissioners and officials know this is wrong and should not continue!

Dale Taliaferro