This is Sherry Downard at Harmony Manor. I’m writing a letter to the editor in an attempt to find out what happened to my four cats I had to abandon over two years ago. You can call me at (775) 294-3861. Thank you.

In the Fall of 2015, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to abandon my four precious cats. I was placed in an assisted living facility in Fallon upon being released from the hospital in Winnemucca. There wasn’t time to find homes for my dear companions. I had lived at Willowbrook 3 Apartments at 1468 Midas Drive. A neighbor there told me my cats had been taken in by other neighbors there.

I have now returned and live at Harmony Manor connected to HGH. I can’t give them a home any more, but I long to know that they are ok. I’m asking if anyone can tell me.

Nephi is very old. The vet said he was 8 or 9 months old when I found him starving in 1998. He is palest yellow, long hair. Gold eyes, pink nose and a tongue that often hangs out the corner of his mouth. He will sometimes go about making grumpy sounds, but he’s truly a sweet, gentle soul.

Janny-Panny is a short hair mostly black with white. I don’t know how old she is. About 6 years, I think. She’s a little picky about getting friendly. She liked to keep Nephi company. She liked you once she got to know you.

Tig was a gray tiger stripe with white. He was large with long teeth, but a softy. He sometimes favored one of his front legs, because of an injury. I think he might be only 4 years old.

I always thought Rosie-Posie had “another family”. She had her kittens at my house and I had her spayed, but she spent a lot of time away. She was gray with some faint stripes, sort of long hair. She was very shy, but friendly once she decided to trust you.

These are all outside-inside cats. Love it outside, but like to come in out of the cold. Thank you for anything you can tell me about them.

Sherry Downard