Dear Editor,

On the centerfold pages of your voter guide for Humboldt and Pershing Counties, the names of numerous candidates are listed followed by the comment, "No response was received from this candidate." That statement gives the erroneous and false impression that those candidates were too busy or too contemptuous of voters to even respond.

Your statement is misleading in my case and perhaps numerous others.  I never received any questions by phone, e-mail or U. S. Mail with a request to submit answers to you!  Since I never received a request to respond, obviously no response was submitted. 

Just wondering how many other candidates are in the same boat of "no response submitted," because we never received a request from you to answer any questions.


Lewis "Luis" Trout, Candidate

Hospital Board of 

Trustees - Seat D

Editor’s Note: 

Winnemucca Publishing publishes and distributes a Voters Guide every election cycle for both the primary and general election. Letters are sent to candidates in March and April based on the information the candidate supplies to the clerk when filing. If no email address or mailing address is provided, we do not have the means to contact them through those avenues. Reminders are posted several times over the course of 8 weeks across social media platforms to those who are on the ballot. Ads are also run in the newspaper in the weeks leading up to the deadline. Candidates in the Guide are listed based on information supplied to us by county and city clerks.