If you haven’t driven out to the north end of Winnemucca Blvd. recently, you should take the time and check out a wonderful metal sculpture on the east on-ramp to I-80, just before you go under the overpass onto East Second St. 

The NDOT Winnemucca Landscape and Aesthetics Project have erected a stunning statue which was created by artist Chris Navarro. 

The detailed and realistic rendering of a cowboy on a horse is absolutely captivating. In addition to the quality of the piece, its placement is such that travelers coming into or leaving town via I-80, ex-it 178, as well as those off Hwy 95 via E Second St and Rinehart Lane, are all able to see it. How nice that it got mounted and put on display in time for the rodeo and 4th of July events. 

This was truly money well spent. Thanks and congratulations to all who were involved.

Tonette Hornbarger