Dear Editor,

Hello fellow neighbors in Winnemucca and surrounding areas, by now you are probably aware of the hundreds of people who have been laid off or let go from many jobs in our area. A lot of those people work in businesses that were closed down by the governor’s orders.

These jobs were not well paying jobs or employment that supports the mining industry, such as vendors or other support jobs.

They were jobs such as cooks, wait staff, bar owners, bartenders, small business owners and their employees and bus drivers to name a few.

A lot of people may not have had the higher income to accrue a reserve fund for unexpected emergencies. As we all now know, the unexpected is here. No one saw this virus coming two months ago but here it is. It may or may not get worse, don’t look at your 401k. The effects of this may be long lasting and none of it is good.

Please consider donating to the Winnemucca Ministerial Food Bank at this time. Stimulus check may be forthcoming for most of us. If you and your family are in good financial condition, I urge you to make what donation you can.

The food bank is located at 150 N. Bridge St.

Most needed items are detergent, shampoo and conditioner, diapers and toilet paper. This may change as the situation evolves, monetary donations may be the best option at this time.

Take care of you and your family but please consider those less fortunate, they are our neighbors too and may be more poorly equipped to handle this drastic situation.

By the way, my wife too has been laid off by a local casino, we will donate what we can.

Keith Pilikian