To the Editor: 

I would like to respond to Mr. Betteridge’s comments on the district’s early buy out program. His comment, 

“ the idea that teachers of experience are not as efficient as teachers with less experience.” 

Mr. Betteridge’s comment left me confused on what he was trying to say.  

To me his statement was condescending and does a disservice to teachers that do have experience.  If I’m understanding Mr. Betteridge’s comment correctly than only teachers with less experience are better teachers than the teacher who has been teaching for 20+ years.

As I continued reading the article, Mr. Betteridge further states,

“It might be a financial benefit to the district, but I’m concerned about the kids and that’s what we should be concerned about, he continues, I do not feel that a 30 or 25 year teacher is going to do less than a one or five year teacher.”

This comment contradicts his previous comment, so either experience teachers are not as good as less experience or less experience teachers are not as qualified as experienced teachers.  

Mr. Betteridge, in my opinion, has offended the hard working teachers of Humboldt County School District.

Michele Hartley