It is with great thanks I write this note. May 11th we were visiting family in your area when our dog (corgi mix) escaped our RV.

He was enjoying the town when a kind neighbor brought him in to her home and called the number on his tag. I had left my phone in the RV and did not get the call, so she called law enforcement.

When I returned to the RV and got the voice mail she left I called the dispatcher.

The dispatcher was most helpful, and I explained we were on vacation and would be leaving town tomorrow.

She was good enough to contact the law enforcement officer and see if he had turned Apollo in to the dog pound. The officer agreed to meet us, and we were able to retrieve our wayward dog.

The actions of the people saved our vacation. Thanks to all of them we had a wonderful trip with Apollo included. These actions by the folks in your town exemplify values that are the foundation of great communities and towns across our nation.

Your citizen, dispatcher and law enforcement officer went above and beyond for the benefit of the dog and people. It is with heart felt thanks that I write this note.


Kathy Stephens

Cheyenne, Wyoming