Humboldt County voters received a notice in the mail that the June 9 primary election would be by mail only, due to Covid-19. There is huge partisan controversy about vote by mail. What’s the problem? It seems so logical. Why are Democrats so adamant for vote by mail, and Republicans just as determined to stop it?

Here is a short anecdote that may shed some light. In the 50’s I had an Uncle Fred McKay who was very active in Democrat politics in rural Mariposa County, California.

Little old guy always smoking a big cigar. The kids used to laugh because when he smoked it all the way down, he’d chew up the stub like chewing tobacco.

One of the original recyclers, Uncle Fred would go around the county getting all the old folks to sign up for absentee ballots. Most of the seniors had no real interest in politics so cheerfully went along if it made Fred happy. Then when the election came he would go around and help them fill out their ballots. Totally legal.

Old Uncle Fred was a political powerhouse in Mariposa County because he could deliver 20 or 30 votes, which could swing an election.

Modern Democrats must be looking at the thousands of homeless in the cities with the idea that most have no interest in politics but if it means voting for free stuff, sure. That is why the push for same day registration and mail in ballots. Republicans are the party of personal responsibility, hard work and save your money. That would be a tough sell in the homeless camps.

Uncle Fred would be proud of the way things have turned out

Butch Gordo