Dear Editor,

Thank you for reporting the recent Humboldt County Hospital District (Humboldt General Hospital) Board of Trustees decision to hold a community forum on Monday, May 24th, in the Sarah Winnemucca meeting room at the hospital.  

Your report was the first notification to the public of this outreach effort by the new hospital leadership team and the Board.  That coverage is appreciated.

It should be noted that the effort to hold a community forum was not just the work of one person at the meeting. 

The idea was discussed during a presentation by Ms. Laura Shea, Community Affairs Director, and Mr. Tim Powers, the new Chief Executive Officer, about several initiatives to involve the local residents in helping to improve hospital operations.  

Board members Gene Hunt, Michelle Miller and Alicia Cramer all provided valuable comments when the idea was discussed.  Trustees Ken Tipton and Joanne Casalez also concurred that such an opportunity to hear from the public could be a very helpful tool as part of the larger hospital strategic plan.

Special mention should be made of Chairperson Alicia Cramer’s prompt implementation of the idea.  After the Board members, Ms. Shea and Mr. Powers all agreed that such a meeting should be held during May, Ms. Cramer asked each Board member to check their calendars for possible dates to hold such a meeting.  

When Monday, May 24, appeared to be best, Ms. Cramer immediately set that date for the forum. 

Her expeditious response to encourage public input was commendable and deserves to be known by the community.


Lewis W. Trout, 


Board of Trustees

Humboldt County 

Hospital District