Some of you may be reading this update from home today as our K-12 schools and some businesses are closed due to COVID-19. 

Many of our children who rely on free or reduced meals during school will continue to have access to those and that is in large part to the help from federal dollars. 

The COVID-19 situation underscores just how important it is now, more than ever, for us in Nevada to ensure federal funding for the programs and services like schools, emergency response and hospitals, we as a community use come home to US.

Our community may feel a little helpless or anxious in light of all of this but there is one proactive thing Nevadans can do today to redirect that nervous energy that will take just a few minutes and that is to count everyone in your home and respond to the Census 2020 online over the internet at 

Invitations to respond continue to arrive at mailboxes through the 20th.  It takes 10 minutes and it reduces the likelihood a Census Bureau worker will need to visit the home. 

The public may also choose to complete the census by phone or by mail.

COVID-19 Press Kit:

Press release on latest modification impacting college students:

Thank you for your help in ensuring our community has the very latest information.

Veronica Meter

U.S. Census Bureau