Dear Editor

I would like to shed some light on a group operating in Imlay. They have been working kind of under the radar for about a year I think. 

Last year they did a few astounding things. But this is a new year and I feel I should bring this group out in the open. 

The Imlay Action Alliance is a group of residents who have banded together to help each other in the upkeep of their properties. 

To some this makes no difference because they don’t need help with the upkeep or they just don’t do it. But to others this group has been  heaven sent. 

To belong to the group requires two things; (1) willingness to volunteer two hours a month helping other members work on their properties; (2) monthly dues of $20. 

The money is used to buy tools, supplies, pay for gas, and some is put into a nest egg to fund becoming a recognized non-profit organization, 501C3.

Last year the group made improvements on 8 properties in Imlay. 

This year I’m sure they will make an impact on the appearance of the town

I would certainly encourage anyone who has pride in our community to get more information about the group, come to a couple of meetings and if it seems like something you can get behind, join the group. 

There are big improvements coming to Imlay and I believe this group will have a lot to do with it.


Alicia Craig