In a July 29 Humboldt Sun  story, "McDermitt sees spike in COVID-19 following rodeo", Ft. McDermitt Paiute Shoshone Tribe Wellness Center Health Director/Executive Director Jacqueline J. Bae, MD, MHA, FACHE was interviewed for information regarding the Fort McDermitt COVID-19 outbreak.

Although Bae cited the rodeo as a possible point of infection, rodeo officials state that this information is inaccurate. 

Rodeo organizers made the following statement in response to the article,

"Since there was not one rodeo contestant or any of their immediate family members sitting in the stands as spectators that have become positive, thanks to the careful way the rodeo was handled, the rodeo was likely not the source. To date, we have a really good relationship with the reservation and do not want to cause any further confusion due to misinformation. "