Blockchains CEO Jeff Berns has stated he has hired an array of high-profile/high-powered professionals, possibly connected to Dewey, Cheetem, and Howe, and carrying an autographed copy of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, and proposed his new city idea to Story County Commissioners, who have turned down his proposal, so he is now courting our Legislators to circumvent the rules and regulations of Story County. 

This is incomprehensible!

Having a large parcel of land, without adequate water rights, requiring piping water from various counties to his project, changing zoning laws, and creating his own laws outside of federal, state, and county systems is another big question of exactly what is going on within our great State?

What next, the creation of a Bureau of Innovation Zones, BIZ? So when the developer files for bankruptcy protection, will BIZ (backed by taxpayer’s dollars) have to come to their rescue? 

Will State and Counties have to issue bonds to make good their bad debts?

Our elected officials need to look at this proposed project with eyes wide open. Nevada currently ranks as one of the highest states in the Union for being business, tax, and development friendly. 

Why create a hybrid and high risk development zone such as this while other states, to my knowledge, have not entertained or implemented, “autonomous innovation zones”? 

When big-money developers come to our great State with pie-in-the-sky ideas, do diligence is required. 

We, private citizens, rely on our elected officials to ferret out these schemes.  Creating a privately run government, be it a new smart city or big scam, is NOT the answer to our prosperity.

If the project is SO good, then Mr. Berns would not be asking for aggressive changes of rules and regulations and work within the current business friendly laws of our State.

R. Hess