Dear Editor;

Articles have appeared in the Humboldt Sun for the most part. 03 Apr 2019. 

In February, newly-elected Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed an approval to place SB143 into effect starting Jan 2020, causing much controversy around the state with gun activist, citizens, and groups.

Sheriff Mike Allen stated then, “The 2016 bill is one that Humboldt County voters voted down with over 80 percent in opposition.”

Sheriff Mike Allen went on to say, “The bill is viewed as an infringement upon the Second Amendment right to bear arms, that bill effect due to the declared “unenforceability.”  Allen also went on to say, he doesn’t want to mislead county residents by declaring Humboldt County a “Sanctuary County.

Things were quiet until 21 Sep 2019; Humboldt Sun, County Commissioners Will Attend Sheriff’s Town Hall.

Things again went quiet until 12 Oct 2019; The Humboldt Sun, Commission Agrees to 2nd Amendment Resolution.

 At the 07 Oct 2019 meeting of the Humboldt County Commissioners unanimously passed a non-partisan resolution declaring the county to be a Second Amendment supporting county.

In Jul Dawn Principe, who represents Second Amendment supporters, confronted county commissioners about AB291 as being an unconstitutional law. AB291 (dubbed the Red Flag Law”) 

At the 08 Jul 2019 commission meeting, the gun rights group asked the commission to back the group’s resolution to make Humboldt County a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

At a second meeting held on 03 Sep 2019; Commissioner Jim French said, “I would like to make sure that when we pass a resolution it is as close to what they asked for as we possibly can get.”

A full text of the resolution appeared on page 15 in The Humboldt Sun’s 12 Oct 2019 issue.

The Humboldt Sun dated 02 Nov 2019; (Process to Recall Local Sheriff no easy task)

Sheriff Mike Allen has stated publicly that he will not support and defend the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Bill of Rights, and the Nevada Constitution. And therefore violating his oath of office he swore to uphold. Again the article is too lengthy to reproduce here.

On 06 Nov 2019; in the Humboldt Sun, Sheriff’s Office Holds Press Conference to Address Concerns with “RED FLAG” law.

Sheriff Mike Allen in my opinion set himself up to take the position of being a Post Turtle; which ever way the wind is blowing at the time.

Don’t misunderstand me here; in the not to distant past I put in a lot of time and effort to get Sheriff Mike Allen elected Sheriff of Humboldt County, and I did vote for him twice. In my opinion he has lost my trust and support when he said he will not support his oath of office as Sheriff of Humboldt County.

If the voters of Humboldt County can remember back to Sheriff Mike Allen’s predecessor; Sheriff Ed Kilgore and his right hand deputy Dove of the Mote Exit fame you will understand why a recall is underway. I still believe Sheriff Mike Allen is an honorable person; perhaps a little misguided. I only wish the recall was for Governor Steve Sisolak and his Attorney General.

In closing; it has come to my attention, of all states. The State of New Jersey last month filed in court to challenge the constitutionality of the “Red Flag laws” with a class action lawsuit that take away firearms from an individual deemed a threat without due process following an arbitrary judicial decree. 

If the class action lawsuit is ultimately successful, it could have ramifications that protect the 2nd Amendment not just in New Jersey, but also throughout the entire nation.


With three years behind us of the do-nothing-Democrats in control of the House of Representatives and the various Democratic state governors; Nevada is slowly turning into Little California thanks to Las Vegas, Carson City, and Reno. Please don’t let it happen in Humboldt County.

F. B. Heyne