Well, fellow citizens, the war is nearly over and the American experiment as a democratic republic is looking into the eyes of defeat. 

Government of the people by the people and for the people is in the process of being terminated with only small - mostly rural – pockets of resistance yet to capitulate. Ironically, even paradoxically, the weapons used to destroy the rights and responsibilities America actually stands for are being wielded against its citizens in a fashion only possible when we stop defending those liberties and abandon those responsibilities.

It has been said that in war the first casualty is truth. And so it has been when protests which are advertised as war against racism and police brutality – both violations of the rule of law – have degenerated into looting and violent, destructive, deadly riots. (Ironically, many of the events which have been the genesis of these protests have turned out to have been based on an entirely false narrative.) The truth is that our entire justice system is being targeted for destruction, not in the name of “black lives matter” – the cause - but in the name of Marxism, which is espoused by Black Lives Matter, the organization. 

How many people in the countries where the governments were given over to Marxism – which we refer to as Communism – have been killed by their governments on the way to proving that Marxism does not make anyone’s life better except those holding the reins of power? The answer is multiple millions. That Black Lives Matter approves of Marxism should tell people who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of the protests against racism and police brutality that they are being used and their lives don’t matter as crimes against them become more frequent when the police back off for fear of being broadly targeted for doing their jobs in often violent, hostile neighborhoods. 

If We the People wish to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat we must require our elected leaders to stop the violence by any lawful means necessary. Government leaders, and those who want to be, whether elected or hired, who are unwilling to condemn these violent and unlawful acts should be disqualified, and if found to have aided or abetted these unlawful actions, arrested to stand charges. 

The rule of law must be restored, and it will require police. (It is interesting that there was no official condemnation of this violence during the Democratic Nation Convention, held during the height of these outrages.)

The next thing that needs to happen is to restore the sanctity of the 1st Amendment; especially freedom of speech. Without restoration of this one protection the entire American republic will continue its implosion. 

(The Second Amendment folks think that they are the key to the preservation of our republic. The reality is that if we ever get to the place where this becomes a fact it will be long past too late. 

The strength that is supposed to belong to We the People will have been displaced by tyranny of the best armed but no one will actually be free; our republic will be no more.) 

The ability to engage in debate is the primary purpose for the 1st Amendment’s free speech protection and when we abandon it we lose our ability to create collaborative solutions.

Is it alarming, the number of visibly placed people who are having their voice silenced because they hold a specific belief or express an opinion contrary to those forces driving – ironically – most of the violence we see today. 

How is it possible that people who disagree with the Black Lives Matter rhetoric, or are not sufficiently enamored of it, are being fired or dismissed or otherwise “canceled” for their viewpoint but no one seems to be receiving the same treatment for the espousing the racially-driven demands of this or any similar organization on the other side of this subject? As it is with tyranny, only certain views are tolerated – period.

The inability to engage in full-throated debate is one reason we are so divided. The failure to require our young people to explore ideas which are foreign to their way of thinking or set of beliefs is not only making them dogmatic – often violently so - but emotionally and intellectually fragile. Such irrationality also drives racism.

 We have precious little time left to restore the rule of law to its rightful place and freedom of speech to its rightful function but to survive we must do both.