Gonna write a little scribble on current news dribble, send it off to my editor today

I’m searching all around for something profound and ever so meaningful to say

Deadline coming up, I grip my coffee cup, contemplating thoughts to convey

Opinions off the cuff can never stress enough this jumbled up world of ours today

You can fear it, regret it, never forget it, so little we can do now but pray

We have to confess we created this mess but we’d much rather someone else to pay

I want to carry on with this silly song but I’m running out of words like: Hey

Hey. Yes hey there again dear reader. Thanks for checking in. Glad you’re still with me. And I wish I had great and wonderful news to communicate to you in this issue.

But, alas, this is not the case. 

Our current political situation is dark and gloomy. But isn’t it always, especially when we view it on TV in the evening news?

Little bright rays of hope and sunshine are ever so few and far between, almost never to be seen on our mass media.

Global threats of impending conflict, ever increasing numbers of covid infections, lockdowns, increasing unemployment, business closures and the bad news goes on and on. It’s enough to get the most optimistic pollyanna guy down and out and despondent.

But is this real, factual and honest news reporting? Are there really that many dark clouds hanging over us? And if so, how have we managed to survive and get along as we have with all these dangers and boogie men lurking and waiting to pounce on us?

I believe it mentions something in the US Constitution about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t say anything about widespread fear, anxiety, seperation, distrust and hiding away in our homes. 

Our elected leaders, governors, judges, civil servants, etc. all have one thing in common. They all swore an allegiance to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. 

So, I ask, are they doing so? and if they were then would we be in the mess we find ourselves in here today?

What do you think? Are they protecting and serving the public, we the people?

It pains me to write and opine on politics, global power struggles, big tech, big pharma, the deep state, mass surveillance and on and on. But they do exist whether we like to admit it or not. 

Just mentioning and complaining about them seems to grant them power over us and appears to make victims of you and I.

But I’m not a victim and neither my friend, are you. In reality, you and I have a right to be here, live our lives as we see fit and be free. 

All the power, authority and legitimacy our leaders possess, they derive from us. 

Votes, taxes, recognition, obedient compliance, this is how we set them up. We place them in their elevated positions, grant them their authority and we even reelect them. 

So, in essence, if we are victims then we have created our own predators and persecutors!

And we can un-create them. The power is ours and we can reclaim it. 

As far as the pursuit of happiness, that’s duck soup as I see it.

Living your life as a free, independent, sovereign being is a good start. Happiness is something you yourself create. Sharing the love of your family, being an active and positive member of your community helps happiness to grow and glow.

 Seeing the good in those you come in contact with and the great beauty in the natural world around you, well it polishes and brightens your happiness even more.

So there you are, a little good news after all.

Dan can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com