I know this might be a bit of a stretch but let’s imagine that we had a huge world-wide election.

And let’s say that the choices offered to all voters of our planetary community were A - to continue to live as free and independent as possible, or choice B - to constantly consent, bow down and surrender practically all rights, liberties, freedoms and self-determinism to an all-powerful global, evil empire. 

I know, dear reader, that this looks like the beginnings of a plot for a far-fetched science fiction movie. But sadly, as I see it, it’s not at all.

The latter group, willing to surrender all, actually won the election and lost their future. 

It’s real, and it just happened here in America!

Strong words, I know. You can view this as a brazen accusation or just my humble off the wall opinion.

Elections, as we’ve seen in the past and especially our most recent one, are primed with promotion, coercion, intimidation and propaganda. This goes for both sides. Winning is everything!

The main focus at the end is not who is right or wrong, good or evil, which side is just and most favorable toward the majority or divinely blessed. No. The crux of it all is the overall end number of votes for and against A and B.

You can look at democracy as a fair and equitable system or as a lynch mob where the majority rules and the minority is out of luck. 

And the people have chosen in the election analogy I am attempting to lay out here. The votes they cast were their decisions to take the Covid - 19 Vaccination or not.

I just looked up the percentages on the internet. The stats show, as of September 2, the number of fully vaccinated people in the US stands at 52% and the partially vaccinated at 62%.

In a national election they would call this a landslide victory.

The percentages of those vaccinated in all other countries vary greatly from one nation to another. Tanzania shows a low of 0.5% while the United Arab Emirates tops out at 88% percent.

The overall figure shown on the internet of the percentage of people vaccinated worldwide stands at 40%. And this number is rapidly increasing as the tremendous push from the elite continues. The vast majority of global citizens will soon have chosen category B - Totalitarianism!

I also noticed on page 2 of this newspaper last week that the Nevada State board of Health voted unanimously to mandidate Covid - 19 Vax for all students enrolling in the Spring semester in public colleges. The newspaper also states that 740 other schools nationwide have already done likewise. 

The mayor of Honolulu declared that as of September 13, all bars, restaurants, gyms and other businesses must require proof of Covid - 19 Vax prior to entry. Many other US cities are doing the same.

We have the military and corporations following suit and the rest are falling like dominoes.

This is also occurring in many countries overseas. Sure there are demonstrations and shows of opposition. But it all now looks to be too late to stop. 

Resistance, you could say, appears futile!

You could consider that this emergency public health massive action is all for our betterment and protection. The CDC, the WHO, The UN and other major world powers might have our best interest at heart. But don’t you have just a slight lingering doubt?

I’m sure you’ve heard that some extreme Christians have been looking for a long time for biblical signs of the end times. One of the major indications of this is what they call “the mark of the beast”. 

Well, in my view the Covid - 19 Vax fits the bill. And the mandated push appears to prove it’s intent!

So we now live in a 2 tier society, the vaccinated and the un- vaccinated.

 This reminds me of my travels through the South back in the early sixties. Many hotels, boarding houses and other facilities had signs reading ‘Whites only” and “Colored only”.

Here today there are no signs but we the minority un-vaccinated know we are not welcome. 

Dan can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com