There’s that old Irish blessing that I’m sure you must have heard at some time. It starts out : “May the road rise up to meet you...”

Well for me it’s more like my days rise up to meet and greet me. Then they fly on by and leave me. They somewhat seem like mile markers all along the highway of life.

Well hello dear reader. Fancy meeting you here. So which way are you headed and what direction should I go in to get on out of here?

I’ve often heard mention of one’s lifetime being like that of a journey, and I have to admit that’s more than likely true.

It’s been a long rocky road of a journey for me. I’ve climbed endless hills and fought many headwinds. But the occasional downhill cruise has been superb, and the mountain scenery was just breathtaking. 

It’s been a hard lonely journey at times. But then again I’ve run across some truly marvelous friends along my way. We’ve laughed, joked and enjoyed our times together. We’ve known the days. And they were indeed great. I’d sure love to hold, keep and bring all my friends along with me. But, alas, they’ve just about all gone their separate ways. 

I hitchhiked all across the US from coast to coast a few times back in the sixties. I was keen to find what might be waiting in the next town or over the oncoming hill. 

I wanted to see, feel and experience America as it really was. I wanted to do it first hand and in person.

I’ve flown across the country too a few times. Each flight was a brief and thrilling experience as I soared across the bright blue sky with a bird’s eye view of all the land below.

But it was nowhere as eventful and exciting as trucking through each and every mile, seeing everything and taking it all in.

I’d admit to having a bit of a nomad in my blood. Even though I’ve finally settled down somewhat in my old age. Still the traveler and adventurer in me longs for the open road.

I was in the moving business for quite a few years back in the day. One of the things I liked most about that time was doing long distance runs. I was based in Southern California and made many a trip up the coast as far as Seattle. 

Been to Denver a few times. Drove to Reno, Albuquerque, and moved a lot of people to Vegas as it was growing like crazy back in those days. 

I had a faithful traveling companion back then and we got along great, His name was Astro. He was a big, beautiful Irish setter.

And just like myself, he also loved the open road. He almost always had his head stuck out the truck window, his nose pointing straight ahead with his long red hair flying in the wind as he watched the world go by. 

Astro and I chalked up many a mile together.

Trains, planes, automobiles and motorcycles; they are modes of travel that keep the adventure alive, new, fresh and exciting. 

Now here I am in my latter years, slowing down and racking up far fewer miles. 

\I rarely even make the one hundred and fifty mile trip to Vegas from here anymore.

I tell myself I’ve found Nervana in Nevada. No need to continue wandering and searching. This little spot on the map could well be the center of the known universe. Seems like it to me.

But I see cars, RVs and motorcycles heading on up scenic highway 93 toward Ely. 

I hear the lonesome whistle of the freight train as it chugs through town heading on it’s way toward the Colorado Rockies. That’s when I still hear and feel  the call of the open road.

Prairies, mountains, desert, open range, blue sky and sunshine are just sitting out there waiting to be discovered. 

Sometimes I feel they may miss me as much as I miss them.

Well the road goes on forever and forever is a long, long time. And that’s quite a lot of miles don’t you know?

As we started out with that Irish blessing: “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind ever be at your back...” I Would like if I coul to add my own two cents: 

May you thoroughly enjoy each and every mile.

Happy trails pal.

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