First there were millions, then there were billions, then there were tens.  hundreds and thousands of billions of dollars more. But it seems those who manage our finances were just getting warmed up for the big leagues. 

Now we have crossed over into a strange new world where trillions of dollars are being tossed around like nobody’s business.                                                                                          We used to call it money, but now it’s more like a cross between Monopoly money and confetti. 

It’s no longer backed by gold and silver, sound, staple and secure. It drops in value most every day as more and more of it is being regularly created. Saving it is futile now with zero interest rates or lower. Putting dollars in the bank or in bonds guarantees you a sure looser as you will get back less with it’s value reduced by ongoing  inflation. 

Bitcoin rose from single digits per unit to near sixty thousand dollars very recently then dropped back to about thirty thousand dollars again. Does this look like confidence and stability to you?

Many people have the consideration that a dollar is a dollar and will remain so on into the future. 

They try to budget their rent, groceries and other expenses, stay ahead of the game and get along as best they can. But sadly the odds are against them. The system eats away gradually at the fruits of their labor and meager savings. 

Let’s say that you have been smart, prudent and productive. You worked hard and saved when you could through your life. You now have your house and land far away from the raging riots and discontent of the big cities. You feel relatively safe and secure in your home. It’s your castle.                                           

But then one day the banditos come. They show you their badges, credentials, court order and bank seizure documents. They tell you they have a claim to your home, land and wealth. Then you know for sure they are banditos. 

They tell you it’s not right for you to be doing well while millions of others starve. They claim you must forfeit your wealth so they can redistribute it to those who need it more.

You are afraid there’s not much you can do to resist and prevent this robbery being that they represent the law and are backed by men with guns. 

But, ever so sadly, this happens regularly down through history. Politicians want to remain in office and increase their power.

They promise the voters all kinds of goodies just to buy their votes. They tax and spend way beyond reason running up huge debts. 

They borrow and create far more debts by creating money out of nothing until at length it becomes certain the debt can never really be repaid. But they continue the charade as long as possible.

Still the dumb voters continually re-elect them and still hope for a better future, until one day all confidence is lost. 

When failure is inevitable and you know the end is near and there’s a brick wall blocking the road you’ve been kicking the can down all this time, what do you do?

It appears to me that governments, central banks and corporations are well aware of this situation and are acting accordingly. 

If you’re sure it’s all going to collapse shortly anyhow then why not go out with a bang? 

Print, create and spend ever more unlimited rapidly depreciating currency like there’s no tomorrow. Promise the moon to the poor fools while the markets blast off like a rocket in one last blissful hurrah.

But before it all comes crashing back to the ground ending in a smoking ruin, what do you do? Well, you want to raid the treasury and man the lifeboats for yourself, friends and family. 

Does any of this look familiar to you in our world today? 

Caution, prudence, sense and reason is being thrown to the wind. Modern money theory (MMT) states budgets and spending restrictions are relics of the past. The government can create and spend as much money as necessary. We can never go broke being we can always create more dollars!

The anti-business actions of restrictions and closures of ongoing concerns over this past year shows an antagonism toward capitalism and free enterprise by authorities. One might even think it could be a deliberate attempt to crash the entire system as we know it.     

Could a Great Reset, cashless society, one world digital currency and little or no liberty, privacy and freedom be waiting for us in our near future?

Physical gold and silver have been stores of wealth protection for many thousands of years. They have retained their value over time while all previous paper currencies have been and gone. 

They will most likely continue to do likewise on into the future.

God bless the child who’s got his own.

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