Once again the morning comes. The dark sky turns to grey and gradually to a vivid baby blue as the rising sun radiates its shining  light across the land. 

And a fresh, beautiful, new day has quietly begun. 

It really is a unique event. We have taken it for granted for these many days, months and years. Nature’s wondrous and continuous creations are so often looked upon as routine and expected by us humans. 

We carelessly give our new day a generic label such as a Monday or Tuesday, the first, second or third such day of a particular month in our calendar year. And this we add to our ever continuing cycle of revolving time... Eternity.

Wildlife however, the birds and the animals, are very much aware of the darkness turning to light and the dawning of a new day. 

Roosters announce its coming and  welcomed arrival loudly for all within hearing range to know and greet. Little birds begin their day with their sweet chirping morning melody. 

Well good morning dear reader. How’s your day so far? Isn’t it good to get up, stretch your limbs and move your old (or young) bones? Simply wipe the sleep from your eyes and begin a new day’s adventures. 

When we slip into our nightly sleep and dream state, this appears to dematerialize the solid material world which surrounds us. So in the morning, as we rise, we need to reconstruct the walls, ceiling and floor again. We have to put back the pieces, the building blocks of our physical world in proper order for our game we call reality to continue. 

And, of course we do so immediately and automatically upon waking without a second thought or awareness of this awesome, magical process. 

We come back and start it all over again, new, each and every day.

Some old folks seem to have an inkling of this. When they open their eyes in the morning they experience a surge of joy in seeing the new day’s light. To still be here and to carry on being a part of life and living in this, a new unit of time, it’s quite an experience indeed here in the twilight of our years.

So now you’re up, pretty much awake, and wiping away the cobwebs of your dreams from around your head. You go to the bathroom and begin your regular daily routine. 

You look in the mirror as you examine the reflection of your face. You gaze for what seems like a long time into the debts of your eyes. 

Deep thoughts of personal identity, existence and purpose drift through your mind and for a while you are suspended in time. 

Then you snap back into the here and now as you continue your regular activities of eating, transport, family events, work, etc.

It’s another day in a life of seemingly endless continuing days. But it’s your life, and when you come to think of it, it’s really at your beck and call. Time, space, motion and form can be molded into your desires, although we usually consider it as the opposite situation. 

It’s comforting in a way to have set patterns such as performing duties, responsibilities and normal schedule. You go through them almost automatically. You drive within the speed limit, stop at stop signs and red lights, and obey the laws of the road. 

You flow willingly with the regular stream of events that have become life as you know it. 

I’ve sometimes felt myself as being like a tourist rather than a passenger or deck hand in the journey of this life.

I want to observe, experience and enjoy the many adventures of this life’s cycle. I want to learn all about it as I chat with my fellow travelers and try to see this world through their eyes.  And I so much enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

There are many people with the belief that this special experience of traveling through time with identity and purpose while communicating and sharing our thoughts and dreams with others, that it’s an ever continuing, revolving cycle.

 They say that we begin it all over once again, new and special, each lifetime as we now begin each new day.

Wouldn’t that be really something special?

Dan can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com