A lifetime is not by any means all smooth sailing, lollypops and roses. It appears to me that many people have spurts of activity, production, bits of creativity and moments of bliss, but also they seem to cycle up and down between achieving greatness and experiencing loss, pain and sorrow. 

If we were to discover nail down and specify who and what we are and what we are doing and trying to achieve in this space and time, well I think that would be great.

Meaning, purpose, objectives and direction would all be clarified. We could write up a concise and clear description of the overall process and distribute it to everyone. Then all would be assured that there is a coherent plan and direction in which we are headed. 

We could record this for future generations to see and understand the aims, purpose and story of our society. Then all would be well, wrapped up neat and tidy. 

But life as we know it is not like that at all. It seems more messy than neat and tidy. Mike has an ongoing difficult problem with Joe. Mary is upset with Suzy and they are not speaking. Workers are opposed to the company policy and unions want to strike.There’s a major territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. The misfortunate area sandwiched in between, (The Kashmir), is catching holy hell.

Another election is scheduled for here next year and as it rapidly approaches the battle lines are already being drawn. 

About forty percent of the population wants to impeach our current president. Another forty percent or so wants to keep him. The remaining twenty percent doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

The major word powers are quite suspicious of each other. Many are antagonistic and in opposition to their neighboring nation. 

One man wants to build a wall. The next man wants to tear it down.

Sometimes human interpersonal relationships appear more like a cat fight.

It just amazes me that our human world survives and gets along at all. 

If you were to look closely at an ant colony and see anything approaching this much opposition, conflict and strife, then you could be sure that the poor ant’s days are numbered.

Have you ever actually looked at an ant hill and observed their activities? If you happen to do so you may well find it fascinating. Those little guys are scurrying around frantically, bumping into each other and not seeming to get anywhere or get anything done.

You might wonder if there is an overall plan, direction and purpose for all their action.

Are we that much different ourselves in our endeavors here in this modern world?

You could perhaps look at life as just a game. In this theoretical game we, you and I, would be team members working together to build a better world, survive, enhance our wellbeing, happiness and hopefully find some joy in life. 

Our opponents, as in lets say a football game, would be doing their best to stop, block, shove us back and make us loose.

As I look around at what’s happening in the world I see many examples of this football like game in progress.

We have the worker ants - citizens, taxpayers and consumers. And then we have the powers-that-be. They are supposed to be our benevolent rulers. But under them there is a collection of agencies separating the worker ants from the elite. We have police, courts, prisons, militaries and such. 

You may wonder if these organizations exist to maintain peace, order and tranquility as they claim. But some seem to view them as our opponents, hired guns to keep the masses in line. 

Not only is there opposition and coercion from the top down, but many families, groups and communities are often in direct conflict with each other. And their squabbles and confrontations are often fierce. 

At times it appears that this planet might be populated by individuals with a dog verses cat mentality toward one another.

Might makes right and law of the jungle still sadly rules in our world today, even though we should have long since evolved and progressed well beyond such a low level condition of existence.

I know of course the lion may never lay down with the lamb. But we are not all lions and lambs.

I so much wish for what seemingly forever lies beyond our reach to grasp.

Peace brother. Peace.

Dan O’Connor can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com