You can’t really see the wind, but you sure can feel it. 

You can also readily observe how the wind affects our environment by the waves and swaying of wheat fields, leaves flying in the Autumn air and flags frantically flapping in the wild breeze. 

Windmills turn, sailing ships glide, and kids brightly colored kites soar up high in the bright blue sky. Childhood dreams aloft. 

Our mysterious wind is an energy and an ever changing force. It’s nature’s push and pull on our world which helps reshape her creation. It’s her whip which lashes the ocean waves stirring up foam and spray. Wind rustles through the grass and whispers through the leaves of trees. It roars down the mountain pass and shakes the world below. It slows, calms and rests a while as if deciding which way next to blow. 

Also, dear reader, you can’t really see love. But you certainly can feel it. Its effect on the minds, hearts and lives of people the world over appears to be nature’s prime moving force. 

The absence or loss of love in people’s lives tends to drain their hopes, dreams and purpose leaving only an empty void. Finding love once more can bring back the zest and joy of living. 

Love is a life giving energy, a motivating surge and a priceless, precious, possession. But surprisingly, your wealth of it’s possession seems to only increase as you give it away and share it freely with others. 

And although we can create love in great abundance, we often keep it hidden and locked tightly away under lock and key in sturdy bank vaults deep inside our hearts. 

And in this existence of ours, you can’t really see time, but you experience it on a never ending basis. 

Rings on a tree stump, the twelve pages of last year’s calendar, the wrinkles on my brow and age in my eyes when I look in my mirror; so many recognizable imprints of time. 

History books on shelves, memories of days gone by, castles, pyramids and lost cities buried in the desert sands; echoes of our ancient past linger on. 

Never ending sunrise and sunset as seasons change all too soon. Birthdays multiply and all that is physical is slowly eroded by time. 

We see and experience birth, life and death in our ongoing cycles of seasons as we do in our own human lives. Birth, being young and alive, growing, learning, producing, maturing, declining, then fading away.

I just returned from my daily visit with my dear friend. She is slowly and gradually slipping away. She has very few words anymore, and there’s a far away look in her eyes. She has little recognition and awareness of the here and now, and many of her hours she spends sleeping. 

Her mental computing is greatly diminished but there is still a warm glow of love radiating from her heart. I feel that love each time we visit and it helps ease my sadness and hesitance in letting her go. 

The nurses and medical staff are sweet, kind and gentle with her. They too feel that warm loving glow that is her essence. They help comfort her with care and dignity in her final days of this life. 

Meanwhile life goes on out and about in our little town. I see a rancher’s pick up in the distance coasting down a dirt road. It leaves a long plume of dust in its wake stretching way behind. 

I see a couple who are likely retirees driving up the main road in their RV. Their little car is being towed behind as they head on north in search of scenery, fun and adventure. I’m sure they’ll find it too. There’s a whole lot of it out there. 

Along comes a mile long freight train rolling out of the desert plain and winding through the canyon walls. It’s here rattling through our space and time for a little while. Then it’s gone off again up the line with a clickety clack and choo choo.

Perpetual motion locomotives move along without stopping in our little insignificant town. Like the hours, days and seasons of our lives, all have to continually move on along. 

A brightly colored helicopter appears out of the baby blue sky with a sudden drop and a plop plop plop. With a rush of air it touches down gently close to the hospital. It stays but a little while as a patient is scooped up, bundled in and whisked away. It’s propellers rotate rapidly and it flys off like an angel of mercy toward the big city and advanced medical care. 

I’m becoming more aware of basic elements such as wind, love and time here in these latter days of mine. They seem to highlight the quality of life in this earthly existence of ours.

The desert wind blows and I hear a tapping sound. It comes from short bamboo poles tied by strings that are banging against each other in the breeze. It’s my neighbor’s wind chime from across the way. It sways and clatters with a hollow wooden sound so mellow.

I find it a pleasant sounding wind powered melody.

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