Hello there dear reader. How’ve you been? Sorry I’ve been missing in action these past few weeks. I’ve been off on walkabout trying to collect my thoughts, ideas and assessments of things as they are and how they have so sadly suddenly changed.

Well this morning about nine o clock it was cloudy and a bit chilly as I drove through our little town.

There was no traffic and an eerie stillness was all about. In our town’s center by the railroad crossing there’s a large bulletin board which displays upcoming local events and such. 

I glanced at it as I was going by. It grabbed my attention but I could not make it out till I stopped, parked and read it.

“Life as we’ve known it... Suspended. Enjoy one another.”

Bars and restaurants closed — Sports events canceled — Worksites shut down — Hospital lockdown — Stores sold out of essential goods — Fear — Anxiety — Uncertainty and social distancing.

And this in our quiet, quaint, small town hidden away more than a hundred miles from the nearest major city. 

If this is happening here then it must be widespread all through the nation and effecting most of the world.

I’m an optimist by nature. I like to see the glass half full and a silver lining on the dark cloud. I look for the good in the world. 

But something frightening and wicked this way comes. So say the authorities, medical experts and mass media. It’s an invisible killer virus and it’s spreading in all directions, they tell us. We must avoid contact with our friends and community and shelter in place in our homes, they say.

Stock markets are down some thirty percent in three weeks. A great many shares have lost fifty percent plus of their value since the worlds largest and longest bull marked in history just topped out. The house of cards resulting from all the money created out of thin air is collapsing. People are torn between three categories, shock, denial and panic.

The National guard is already being mobilized in some US cities. “Stay home” many city mayors and state governors command. 

Your constitutional rights are being overridden by medical Marshal law!

Mandatory self quarantine, to me, looks a lot like house arrest.

I so much wish all this was just a plot to a science fiction Hollywood horror movie. When the movie ended we could say “Boy, that was dramatic”, and get back to reality. But this is our new reality here and now.

People are suffering and fearful for their family’s survival. They want to work, gather with friends, travel about and not be afraid. They want life as we’ve known it to continue.

Corona virus — Wuhan infectious epidemic — Bat and snake soup — Source? - Bio-warfare research lab? - Speculation on origin of evil virus — Accidental or intentional release? - Coverups — Denials — Lockdowns — Fear — Pandemic - Increasing deaths.

For a long time I have felt there would be a dramatic upheaval of society in my lifetime. I’ve been somewhat prepared mentally and emotionally. But I never expected it in a viral pandemic form. I did not expect the rug to be pulled out from under us so swiftly and violently.

So considering if this is not a naturally caused horrific event, then who could possibly desire, cause and profit from such a widespread world genaside? 

Greenies, or some of the more radical ones, seem to view humans as something like a cancer spread throughout this beautiful blue green planet.

I’ve read so called conspiracy theories of elites who would love to see the world population radically reduced leaving just themselves and enough subserviently humans to serve their every need.

Many scientists and movers and shakers of society have been for many years stating that the world’s major problem is over population.

And if you had a diabolical Hitler like attitude toward human life and death, then our nonproductive elderly should likely be one of the first groups dispatched.

It’s interesting that this, sadly, appears may be occurring with people over sixty five and having pre existing medical conditions in the highest percentages of fatalities.

I’m long on the tooth myself but I want to stick around a bit longer to enjoy my golden years.

I’ll do my utmost to survive and help my friends and community to once again experience life as we’ve known it.

Dan can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com