The “Cancel Culture” has become a dominant figure in the news lately and with the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement in this country we are in danger of losing our freedom! 

The first amendment to the Constitution gives us the right of free speech, but when we, on the right or of a different opinion, exercise this right, we are shouted down, threatened and otherwise intimidated by these Marxist radicals until people are afraid to speak out. 

Some folks started painting over the BLM graffiti and were arrested for hate crimes. So now the government has bought into this fear mongering simply to make decent people cower.

As a combat veteran from Vietnam, I am here to say that my heart is broken yet again. We survived many of these types of attacks when we returned from serving our country in Southeast Asia. Rocks and bottles thrown at us, people spitting on us simply because we were wearing a uniform.

Acts that were once thought to be treasonous are now lauded by the Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi shrugged off the pulling down of statues saying she really didn’t care much about it, so, destroying public property is now just an excusable act. 

In fact, people receive more harsh penalties for peaceable acts like covering up graffiti, than the wonton destruction of public property.

Burning down businesses and looting has become just a “summer of love” except for the people who own the businesses. They have had their livelihood taken from them and those in power seem to think it is all OK. 

It is my opinion that politicians are cowering rather than speaking for truth and keeping the laws that they were sworn to uphold.

If they speak out, then the Cancel Culture starts making noise and rather than have courage and stand up for what they were sworn to do, 

it is just OK, with a shrug of the shoulders; but let those who would get in the way of this destructive left stand up and they are prosecuted. 

The couple in St. Louis standing in front of their property with an AR-15 and would not let the demonstrators on their property. A week later, the police got a warrant to go and get their guns which they owned legally. So now out 2nd amendment rights are being taken away, and they are now expected to be prosecuted.

It is totally out of control right now and these Democratic mayors and governors have an army of people, paid by a faction who remains unknown right now, who are willing to destroy property, commit arson, loot business owners, and literally scare people into submission to their agenda. 

I believe it is going to get worse the closer we come to the election. If they can force President Trump to act by using the military to come in and restore peace, then they will have him up against the ropes on election day. 

Not that they haven’t been pushing since he was inaugurated but he has managed to come out on top and obtain great results in spite of the Russia hoax, an unconstitutional impeachment and the Covid-19 attack from the Communist Chinese.

I would ask that we as citizens of this great nation start standing up! 

I have seen the FBI and Congress literally on their knees asking for forgiveness for being white! Obama did enough apologizing for us and as a result, the world has lost respect for us. 

We are not a nation that has ever been on our knees for anything and do not need to ask forgiveness about anything. 

We have protected freedom across the globe, given to the poor and needy at the expense of our own country. 

I’m asking the veterans who have taken an oath to defend this country from all invaders, foreign and domestic, to get off their knees and stand up! We as citizens need to take this country back from looters, rioters and hate mongers.

It seems to me they are the ones spreading the hate that they seem to be against. I ask some of the older generation, does this look anything like the Bolsheviks and the Nazis decades ago? 

If it does, you know how you must vote in November. Please.

Let’s take control, lose the fear, and move towards peace again. We cannot buy peace by giving in to bullies and those that would hate this country. If they don’t like this country, I would invite them to leave and I will help them pack.

Robert (Bobby) Conger, Ph.D. lives in Winnemucca.